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Learn the secrets to earning over 1 million in GCI from Real Estate Experts who have done it!

Millionaire Real Estate Live! is a free weekly event featuring top agents, owners, and experts in the real estate industry. Every week you’ll learn the strategies and tactics you need to compete in today’s market and grow your business!

This will be an intimate event on Zoom, where there will be breakout sessions, and you will be able to ask questions personally!

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Want to be a Speaker?

See what questions you will be asked and prepare for your timeblock.

You Will Learn:

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We will discuss how CanZell  offers one of the fastest-growing models in the real estate industry with innovative services like:

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Residential & Commercial

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What Makes Canzell different?

Canzell gives you the opportunity to do more


Canzell Realty is a full-service brokerage with all of the agent tools you need to bring home the most commission.

5 levels of potential income with 85% Company Dollar. Earn $11,900 per agent! Try our Revenue Share Calculator.

Ownership Stocks

Get up to $14K company dollar back each year in ownership stock!

Local Brokers In Each Territory

Some companies ONLY have 1 broker for the whole state. We believe you should have many brokers available to you when you need them.

Leadership & Coaching

Monthly, weekly, or on-demand. At CanZell, coaching is available to all our agents at NO COST.

Brand Yourself

Easily create self-branded marketing material in minutes with your picture, name, phone number and more, and when it comes to signs on your listings, you have control over how they will look.

Technology Tools

Custom built websites, scheduling software, on-demand training, accounting, custom marketing & more. Save thousands of dollars.

Giving Back

We donate 10% of company dollar to 10 charities per transaction. This is no cost to the agent!

Leads & Call Center

Receive referrals from our call center as they become available in your specified area and price point.

True 100% Commission Split

Our agents have the opportunity to earn 100% commission with a 14K cap nationwide no matter what part of the country you’re located in!

Health Insurance

Most real estate companies DON’T offer insurance for 1099 employees!  We aren’t like other companies, we offer better healthcare and concierge service.

Speaker Questions:

  • What social media post have you done that got the most engagement or leads? Ex: One that I used that got a ton of comments and leads was which kitchen do you like better? Comment below A or B.
  • What is the best referral script you use when calling past clients for referrals?
  • What is the best text script you have sent for a new client searching on your site that got the best responses?
  • What is the best email you have sent to an internet lead?
  • What is the best group you have joined – it could be a networking group or just a social group you are a part of, that you have gotten the most referrals from?
  • What is your most time efficient way to handle leads? What do you do to answer them quickly and efficiently?
  1. Let me give you an example. I have my text and email scripts saved in the notes app on my phone, and categorized by whether it is a buyer or seller, and what they may be needing. Once the lead comes in and I accept it, I go and copy and paste the text and email script – emojis and all – and send the text and email right there when it comes in. What other things do you do – or can you do to respond quickly and be efficient in your lead response and follow up?
  • How do you handle rentals?
  1. What is the process you use when you get a rental lead? What script do you use to try and get them to speak to a lender?
  2. How do you get more referrals from them?
  • When doing an open house, what do you do to get more buyers in the door? What script do you use to door knock to meet potential sellers around the open house?
  • What groups are you a part of that have given you the most referrals? Is it at the gym? Nail salon? Let me give you the script I use at the nail salon: Hey! Where do you live? Do you like living there? If you could sell it, make money and buy the house of your dreams, would you do it? Great, let me have an agent come see how much it is worth – homes are worth so much more than you think right now.
  • What lead generating tools have you used that you’ve found to be really successful?
  • What are your favorite online lead generation scripts? 
  • How do you personalize the scripts you use? 
  • Perfect text for a buyer or seller to keep in your notes section for agents to use? 
  • How often do you reach out to new leads?
  • What are your favorite initial reach out texts and follow up texts? 
  • What does your follow up process look like with your online leads? 
  • Do you use any social media marketing?
  • What are the best ads/videos that you’ve made that have had a great impact on your business? 
  • How do you keep your agents accountable to what they need to do?